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Coach Kola

This is Coach Kola from California. In the 30 years that I have been in Network marketing; and as a sales funnel system provider myself, I must say that the MLM Recruit On Demand System is the most comprehensive, user-friendly and effective system that I have ever encountered. You gotta use it.

Moni Arora

Hi my name is Moni Arora.I accidentally came across the MLM Recruit On Demand system and immediately I was blown away by the potential of the system. It's very simple and effective tool to help anyone struggling to find leads. NOW I know I will have more leads than I can handle, and that's good! :-)

Theresa Goldman

Joined MLMROD and within 1 day I had two sales, 21 leads and real prospects checking out my main business! I'm super excited about MLMROD!

Irma Bennett

With all the systems out there this is the only thing that I have found that really works. Ryan teaches you how to effectively use his proven Script to get people to call you. His system provides outstanding training and results for the Network Marketing Professionals or those just starting out.

Carl White


Eva Suzuki

Ryan Gunness has created a system that I can truly use and put to work and actually get some great results. If you are a Network Marketer - or want to be - you must get this system. Just be aware that you have to be willing to talk to people, and you have to work it! Every day.

Susanna Fera

Excited to submit my testimony! In any business you HAVE to have a targeted market. You wouldn't open a golf store, then target tennis players. It's no different with MLM. You want to contact people who want time freedom and know other MLMers:-) Follow the training here and you will have SUCCESS!

Frank Trueblood

Hi this is Frank Trueblood, what I really like about this lead system is how quick you start receiving your leads. They come complete with name, email and phone number so you have several different options for marketing to them, plus, you get them on a consistent basis. Get your leads the easy way.

Roderick Chappell

Roderick Chappell here in Portsmouth Virginina. I love this system so much and can't wait to get on the phones with people that are open and looking for me. Ryan put together a bang up system that saved me time and makes me money. Just get started and watch what happens to your business.

Tara McBride

I was very skeptical about this program. I didn't believe a system like this could exist without being a scam. It's actually far from it. I love that it's allowing me to build an awesome team in my current business and connect with others in the network marketing industry and help them grow too

Kathleen Ayers

I really like MLM Recruit On Demand System because it is user-friendly. This is exactly what I needed to move my business forward.I was very impressed with how soon the leads showed up in my contact manager and ready for me to make contact. Don't delay! Try this system today!

Lee Bane

Hi my name is Lee Bane from CA. I have been in the Network Marketing/Home-based business industry since 1990. I have hit the top of multiple companies BUT, my team has had issues of being able to "find" interested people. Well with MLM Recruit On Demand those issues are gone. Plus, MLM Rucruit On De

Karin Lissel

I've been networking over 19 years & this is such a great system. YES, those first dials can be a little unnerving but just pick up the phone & do it. If you get tongue tied - that is ok - they don't know who you are :). Before you know it - dialing will be fun! All the best in your business!!!

Kellie Crosby

Yes!!! I was skeptical at first, but $15 dollars just to see if a program truly worked didn't take the bread and butter off my table. Boy am I ever so glad I did Ryan Gunness created the Internet Marketers dream come true... My Advice, get it while you can and while its still only $15

Mike Stuart

Hi fellow marketers,the MLMROD program is by far the best lead generator and income producer I have had the pleasure of joining. For the fee of just $15 we join a program that has all of the tools we need to make our business(es) successful. Thanks Ryan Gunness!

Shelley Surette

Hi, Shelley Surette here, just wanted to let you know that this is the best site I have ever used ... It is awesome and I don't know what I ever did without it. When you start using it you will agree with me and be in awe of all it has to offer.

Ivory Beauchamp

I love MLM Recruit On Demand! It couldn't have come at a better time in my marketing career. Nowhere could you get 100 leads over and over again with email addresses and phone numbers at such a one-time low cost of $15.00. I already received 4 signups into my business as a result of this.

bill jackley

I use the facebook chat script. I have modified it somewhat to fit what I'm doing. But all in all, this works like a charm.

John Davis

Aloha from beautiful Maui,Hawaii. I want to encourage you to take advantage of MLM Recruit On Demand where you get Targeted Leads deposited directly into your Contact Manager. You also get 100% Commissions paid on every one of your personal Referrals you sign up into Programs 1 & 2. Much Success...

Angela Tinson

OMG!! I really didn't believe this was going to work. BUT it is!! I just signed up 3 days ago and I have over 100+ leads/prospects to connect with you. I can't even keep up with them. We all know that when building a business the meat/potatoes of GROWING any business is MORE New People to share with

Kay Fekete

I highly recommend MLM Recruit On Demand! Thanks to this system, I now have a super star leader on my team, whom I never would have connected with if not for MLMROD.

Harold Baynes

I have used plenty of marketing systems that promise to grow your business but Ryan your MLMROD system takes it to new levels and actually teaches you to become a power recruiter and builds confidence while your learning this network marketing game. Thanks Harold

Sharon Naraine

Hello my name is Sharon and I've been with MLMROD for about 5 months generated over 300 leads. This is the most inexpensive and very responsive leads that can be apply to any business. I am very impressed with the results and highly recommend to everyone.

Brenda Abraham

It's great to see you here checking out MLM Recruit on Demand. If you are struggling to get leads and sign ups in your business then this is the tool for you. I have been able to generate more leads with this system than with any other system I have tried. I generated 180 leads in one day.

Guy Sinclaire

My name is Guy Sinclaire and I am so glad I discovered Recruit on Demand.The reason I like this program is because for so little money you get leads for life! What a great way to meet people and fill your pipeline daily.I have no problem referring my team to this resource.It's a funnel that makes $$

g magcosta

I was able to retire from my job back in 2002 thanks to the incredible profession of network marketing. But it wasn’t easy. I only wish there had been something like the Recruit on Demand System that Ryan has created when I first got started! This system gives new people the three things they need

Kimberly Murray

Kim Murray here to say you will never find a better system on the planet. Leads, training, scripts. Real experienced netwrokers to call and invite to look at my opportunity or share this system with them. It was the answer to my prayers. Total gamer changer!

kevin barnes

Iv'e only been with this system for 2 days…I haven't made any money, but I see tremendous value using this system…After struggling with different marketing strategies over and over, I feel this is the strategy that will change everything around for my business….It's really a no brainer

Stephen Hamilton

Hello Fellow Network Marketers, my name is Stephen Hamilton from Brisbane Australia, and i joined Mlm Rod for the total cost of $15. But once i got inside my back office and saw the Training ,Resources and leads i get for life, i thought to myself this is fantastic value. Want recruits, join now.

Dr Janet Maus

Hi there - this is Dr Janet. I'm so glad you found this tool. Ryan's training and videos quickly helped me get leads. I'm very busy, like you, and need this assistance. It works!

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